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“As a two-term House member, LoPresti has brought energy to getting things done for his district — visibly in helping to secure air conditioning or heat abatement for area schools, and funds to address overcrowding in Ewa schools.” -Honolulu Star-Advertiser, October 17, 2018

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After his first session Matt started the “Cool Schools 4 ‘Ewa” initiative connecting hundreds of fan donations to ‘Ewa Public Schools. Similar initiatives were sparked statewide.

In over three years in office, Rep. LoPresti secured funding for a $40 million new classroom building at James Campbell High School (JCHS), funds to begin planning of a new athletics complex at JCHS including Title IX compliance and a new synthetic track and field, millions for cooling schools across Ewa, and $33 million to add lanes and sidewalks to Ft. Weaver Road to address traffic and safety concerns.  In 2015, his first year in office, he secured millions for Ewa and Ewa Beach Elementary Schools for A/C and also supported millions appropriated to Ilima Intermediate that year for cooling classrooms. (Learn more about Matt cooling schools)

2018 – James Campbell High School (JCHS) received the highest level of funding in the biennial State CIP budget (FY 17-19) for existing individual schools – $27 million for a new classroom building the highest level of funding out of 283 other existing public schools in Hawaii.

“Because of multiple successes over two terms in the House of Representatives, many have urged me to run to represent Ewa again in the State House,” said Rep. LoPresti.  “Among other things, supporters have cited my role as a fiscal watchdog who is not afraid to fight undue influence of special interests.  As your representative, I would continue to be a fierce advocate for better schools, affordable housing, ethics reform, and statewide infrastructure improvements.  Thank you to the people of Ewa for electing me Representative for two terms.  With your support I will serve in that capacity again.”

Matt LoPresti was elected in 2014 and 2016 to serve in the State House of Representatives, District 41.  He is Chair of the House Committee on Veterans, Military, & International Affairs & Culture and the Arts.  He lives in Hoakalei with his wife Julia Avilla LoPresti (a DOE teacher) and two girls. LoPresti has been teaching philosophy at the university level since 1999.  He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – As Vice-Chair of Transportation, Matt helped kill the proposed “triple tax” on vehicle gas, weight, and registration, and he scrutinized government spending as a member of the powerful Finance Committee.
  • ETHICS REFORM – Matt introduced House Bill 813(2015) to close a loophole that allowed legislators to use their official capacity for personal gain and House Bill 2512(2016) which holds homeowner association board members to ethical disclosure requirements to prevent and expose conflicts of interest.  Over his two terms in office, Matt introduced or co-sponsored seventy-five (75) ethics & good government bills.
  • SCHOOL FUNDING – Matt launched “Cool Schools 4 Ewa” funneling private fan donations to classrooms. He successfully pushed for millions in CIP for all public schools in District 41 including funding towards a new 30-classroom building at James Campbell High School and $100 million for air conditioning hot classrooms in Ewa and statewide.

“Your priorities are my priorities…

…because the job of an elected official is to represent you, not a political party, not special interests, and certainly not some personal agenda.  I pledge to continue to work harder, smarter, and ethically for our families, schools, kupuna, and keiki.”

-Rep. Matt LoPresti

Matt has fought for and won millions in A/C improvements for all ‘Ewa schools ($100 million statewide!) and for a new classroom building and plans for a synthetic track & field, restrooms and girls locker room at James Campbell High School.

After Matt’s budget request, $33 million was appropriated for Ft. Weaver road and sidewalk expansions for FY ‘19-’20. He continues to advocate for expanding use of H-1 shoulder lanes and the Kapolei Jobs Initiative because the more jobs we have in West Oahu, the less traffic we will face.

With Matt’s strong support, the legislature allocated $570 million to build 25,000 affordable housing units by 2030 and $50 million to help people transition out of homelessness and into permanent housing this year.

Matt advocated for our keiki via SB3095 which became law requiring strict reporting of restricted use pesticides, bans their use within 100 feet of schools and makes Hawaii the first State to ban chlorpyrifos, a dangerous brain damaging pesticide. The bill was strongly opposed by the biotech and chemical industries, for whom his opponent is a longtime lobbyist: while she is fighting for the profits of pesticide companies, Matt chooses to fight for the health of our keiki and our environment.

Our seniors deserve quality healthcare and the ability to age in place. That is why Matt has been a member of the Kupuna Caucus throughout his two terms in the House of Representatives and the very first legislation he ever signed was the Kupuna Care Act, a version of which became law.

In addition to these vital issues, we need someone representing us who will be responsive to constituent needs and on top of important votes and debates that effect our families and our community. Matt has been and will continue to work with other lawmakers to grow better, higher-paying local jobs in Leeward Oahu for Leeward residents. Government services and infrastructure must keep pace with our astronomical growth in ‘Ewa and this can help alleviate our choking traffic as well.  Matt will fight to maintain essential services to ensure the health and safety of our community, such as Queen’s Medical Center West and ensure that police, fire, and emergency vehicle protections keep pace with the fastest growing community in the state.

In Matt’s time serving on the neighborhood board he successfully fought to bring The Bus service to the Ocean Pointe Community and brought about an increase in Police patrols to Hau Bush and ‘Ewa Beach. Matt has a strong record as a community advocate fighting to save taxpayer dollars and provide greater services where they are needed.

Let’s bring back a strong voice for Ewa.  Vote for leadership with vision and experience.  Vote Matt LoPresti.



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